We select the offers that offer the best value for money/quality and that exactly match your needs and requirements. We take care of the whole purchase process and ensure the complete follow-up of your orders until the delivery in your warehouses.


Catalog collection

Receive catalogs (and more) from the best suppliers participating in your industry shows in China.

Starting at 299$

Sourcing on Suppliers and Products

We manage all your business procedures in China.

Starting at 500$

New Product Development

We make sure the factory produces and sends the right prototypes according to your specifications.

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Production Supervision

We manage your production orders in China. Receive regular updates on the status of your orders.

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Purchasing Management

We manage your purchase orders in China, including scattered purchases, purchases of ancillary products, etc.

Starting at 500$

Transport Management

150$ per shipment

Import-Export Consulting

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We control all kinds of products in different regions in China.

Supplier Prospecting

We make sure your supplier is legally registered in China.


Supplier Verification

We make sure your supplier has a legitimate business in China. We go further than just checking the registration of the company.


Laboratory Testing

We coordinate all the communication between your supplier and the laboratory. We take care of the choice of samples at the factory. We follow the tests with the laboratory.


Factory Audit

Receive a full report from our inspector's visit to your factory.

Product Inspection

Quantities, Manufacturing and appearance defects, Measurements and tests, Product specifications, Marking and labels, Packaging, HD images & videos and Quality report.

Load Supervision

We make sure your supplier correctly loads the cartons into the containers with the right quantities.


Block Resolution

Contact us for your blocking issues and see how we can fix them.

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